My self-eval for management

I got permission to post it from my instructor. It's my honest assessment of my self. LOL. It's an online course so most of our meetings take place in a chat room. I've worked online for so long that chat rooms are second nature to me…

Karen Dobyns  (self):  

            List of positive and negative attributes.

                      thinks quickly

                      overwhelms others in group meetings with irrelevant chat

                      has good ideas for implementation within assignment

                      often has a negative attitude toward workload

                      has an encouraging and supportive attitude towards others

                      often takes the easiest assignments for herself

                      recognizes when to ask for help

Karen works well in a group. She is quick to throw out her ideas, which are typically helpful to the assignment. However, she tends to overwhelm and distract her group members because she enjoys chatting and humor, which makes it hard for her group members to catch up. It is recommended that she keep her irrelevant chat to a minimum, and that she also wait to throw out ideas until others have contributed. Karen is encouraging and supportive towards the workload of others and is always concerned with the perception of fairness among team members. This helps keep resentment from brewing. However, she often takes what she perceives as the part that is easiest for her to do, if nobody objects. This prevents her from truly challenging herself as she is then not forced to work on her weak areas. It is recommended that she try to take on the group work that is outside of her comfort zone, in order to widen her scope of expertise. Karen is a knowledgeable member of the group that recognizes when the group has reached the limit of their knowledge base and needs extra help.

Next years goals:

1)                  Do a team-building exercise with team mates in order to work on attitude

2)                  Challenge herself by taking on an  assignment she finds the hardest, every other month.

3)                  Wait for others to contribute their ideas before saying anything.

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