My um, OT student schedule for this week. Yeah. Exciting…

We got to do a chart review and a fake initial evaluation on real patients today! And now we have to write a SOAP note! Due tomorrow! Midterm grade! Augh!!!

That's the main thing I'm working on tonight…well along with Little People project, and Tai Chi Research Introduction part of paper…

Today I spent the morning doing Tai Chi assessments, then the afternoon doing eval, walking landlord's dog while he was gone, and now working on SOAP note in a second.

Tomorrow is meals on wheels type thing in morning, then staff meeting for VPs of Academic Affairs & faculty, then finishing up SOAP note as needed, then preparing for management…etc.

Friday is Tai Chi assessments all morning, class all afternoon. Work 9 to midnight.

Phew. Kinda busy week… good thing it's kinda fun, even when it's stressful!!

I'll try to catch up on blog reader emails soon. I swear my mailbox balloons EVERY DAY AUGH

I need me some occupational therapy. Did you hear that Google? Did you? I'm a prolific OT poster and it's NOT FAIR YOU DROPPED ME IN RANKINGS FOR SOME OBSCURE STUPID REASON AND I AM SAD.

PS: I need to remember to write about our media presentation the other day, doing our memory fortune cookies….

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