Nearing end of OT school year

Quick poll – if I were to do some give-aways, like for example, making a comment about why you want to be an AOTA member, and then one lucky person gets a free AOTA membership for the  year……would y'all be interested? I typically only get like two or so comments, so I don't want to do a comment giveaway with only a few comments, lol. And I'm not sure AOTA wants to do that with me either with such a small comment base. So….shameful begging here – please, leave a comment telling me what kind of give-aways you would like, and if I can get a bunch of comments, I can go tell AOTA, check it out, yo, let's do a membership give-away. This is, of course, assuming the bigwigs go for it. But I think they would with enough interest. So. Just sayin'.  PS: I moderate comments because the spam is unbearable otherwise, so if it doesn't look like it showed up…it didn't because I have to moderate it. No need to repeat yourself. 🙂

Woo-ie! Only 13 days of school left for me. 4 more days this week, 4 next week because of Memorial Day, then 5 more. My last day is June 8th – a week early – because I'm heading to Scandinavia for a month! Starting with a surprise party for my host father (I was an exchange student for a year – my junior year of high school) in Denmark, then to Northern Norway and Oslo and Aamot, a tiny rural town about an hour and a half southeast of Oslo, where I lived. We don't typically treat kids the last week or so anyway since it's a lot of celebrations, etc. (I guess you still might if you have really low level kids) ANYWAY,

In the last 13 work days, I have FIVE annuals, 3 triennials, and 3 initials. At least. That's barring any panicked parents calling last minute meetings. Annuals mean I have the yearly IEP meeting with the team about a kid. Triennials are the 3-year review evaluations, and initials are well, yeah, initials. The triennials and initials mean I have to evaluate the child and write up reports along with the IEP part. Annuals are just the IEP part. And then I have to annotate all the goals of my kids. And get all the paperwork in. Especially for billing. Etc. Gonna be a busy 13 work days…and I'm sure weekends and nights as well. Gotta get crackalackin'.

Today I hit 3 schools, was there by 7:20. Left around 4. Didn't stop for lunch until around 2:30 when the kids were out. Had to give out sensory processing measure (SPM) questionnaires, observe children, check in with teachers, do treatments, etc. My day got kind of uh, skewed because of multiple plays at multiple schools.

Today after school I was sitting in the learning center and one of my little first graders enters and brightly says “Hi Miss Karen, are you going to steal me today?” It was super cute. I laughed. I am bad about using that phrase, “Can I steal you for a little while?” because I forget that my little hyper linguistic kids are going to pick up on that!

I have to admit I've hit a new low in email life – 485 new emails in google, not to mention about 1,000 to go through again that I've looked at once, and then 2,000 to file in my work box. I'm pretty good about getting the important stuff done, but the little things get forgotten when my boxes are that full, boo. Last summer i had over 1,000 and I got it down to under 100 – so I guess that will be this summer's goal too.

Well, I'm trying to blog daily, even if the daily blog ends up being informal (ie my reflections for the day) rather than one of the many posts I need to finish writing about conference etc.I have 3 weeks to get my life in order before I am gone for about 5-6 weeks (hey robbers: the rest of my family will be home, don't get excited) – let's hope I get motivated. Today was a long busy day so I guess I'm going to not beat myself up for not doing more paperwork/blogwork tonight.

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