Networking, weekend goals, etc…

Ok it's 130am but I got a lot done organizationally!

Tomorrow I need to be at OT's house at 915am…we have a home visit wayy down in rural Miss at 10am, the family with all the awesome butterflies…then we see our baby with bilateral hypolastic thumbs around noonish…YAY..she was adorable….haven't seen her since the eval…..i loooooooooooove baby work 🙂 I mean baby play….lol

Then we head back to clinic and back by 2pmish and work on evals, plans of cares, mileage paperwork, billing grids, etc.

I also want to stop by UT to pick up a fieldwork manual, and a few other stops..

Weekend will be busy but fun with friends!! And I want to try and do the little paperwork I have left so that I can start focusing more on catching up on reading, artwork, etc 🙂 Plus I should probably start getting ready for my next fieldwork with adults…reading up on stuff, practicing transfers and manual muscle testing, etc



National Student Conclave is coming up…I think in mid November…..which I can't afford this year so I am not going…but I am planning to try and go to TOTA (Tennessee OT Association) Conference near Dickson, TN, in late October..since it's only a few hours drive and I can probably stay with Nashville friends…it's a few days after I turn 26 years old OMG I'm so old 🙂 A friend pointed out to me the other day “You're closer to 50 than…nothing”. Gee thanks LOL.

I also am pondering attending the annual AOTA's Houston Conference in April…financially and somewhat chronologically I can't afford it, but if my New Zealand blogging mentor Merrolee goes, and/or if the class proposal that she and Natan and a few others spearheaded, gets approved for conference, then how can I resist?!!!!!! Who needs food or shelter anyway, I'd live in a cardboard box eating dry Ramen noodles if it meant getting to meet my Merro…:)

We'll see what happens….I love networking with OTs/OTAs so it's hard to stay home when I know I could be surrounded by them!!!
Sorry for the random rant, I got a postcard from TOTA in the mail about the upcoming conference, plus the COTA Charlene was discussing annual AOTA conference, so it's been a bumblebee in my ear or whatever that expression is.

Some Weekend goals:
Write up Low Vision
Write up final version of diversity as form of disability within Centennial Vision part of collaborative article
Work on Home-Adaptation Blogging Project with friend
Work on finalizing any evals or POCs that don't get done tomorrow afternoon
Work on beginning of autism brochure which is my “project” for this rotation
Work on closing office procedures for new clinic as asked by director, work on assembling clinic pics to get printed out to go on a bulletin board
Work on mileage for July/August (ack)
Work on catching up on peds reading
See friends a lot
Work out
Maybe hold babies
Stalk my precious lion kitty
Figure out that whole HTML/blog coding so peeps don't have to read so much

Seeing as how it is almost 2am, I better go to sleep!!

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