neuro-IFRAH and sleep and swimming and augh sleep deficits did I mention sleep

I'm so tired still! I went to bed by 10pm and got up at 6:40 and I could have slept another six hours!! Soo soo tired trying to catch up from last week's massive sleep deficit! I also had crazy dreams about being in scary claustrophobic situations. 🙁  It was not cool.

We had a great lecture on neuro-IFRAH yesterday and today we are actually going to have 2 hours of lab time, learning technique. I should be excited but in all honesty I'd right about now rather just sit still all day.

At noon I get to go have my first session as a participant in a lumbar stability program at the University, then from 1-4 we listen to lectures on Frames of References by other students – Allen's Cognitive Levels and Sensorimotor.

THEN, Allison and I are going to go swimming to work out and then I'm going to study as much as I can (hopefully energized from the swimming and not tempted to nap) before I work 9 to midnight!

I would really like to share more about neuro-IFRAH after today. I think there's a realistic chance I'll get to it at some point tonight too, are you all keeling over dead in shock? I hope so. But not really because then my stats would go down. 🙁

Have a great day, everyone!

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