New entries on occupational therapy…

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Blogger friends: I want to be able to keep posting to my blog new things while still keeping up this give-away till it ends. Do you think my best bet is to post new things but have a give-away link at top of every few posts, or is there like a widget thing I can use to put it in a blatant spot on my sidebar, or what?
I go through ups and downs with my “efficiency” in activities of daily living, and I have to say I'm in a slump, my room and paperwork and life is all messy right now, and every day I think it's a new day where I'll get caught up on everything. And every day I am wrong…ahahhaa
Tomorrow I start officially seeing kids, my cat is purring on me, and it's 10:42pm and I've been at multiple parties today, and I did NOTHING – NOTHING – of use this weekend in terms of helping me out for work. Boo. I'm going to try to go to sleep now, and hope tomorrow is an efficient day and I get a lot of work done. 🙂

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