New RehabCare blog linked to me!

You better scroll down and read about my LOLcats, I am really proud of that 1am posting.
But I'm also excited to tell you I got an e-mail from a “campus relations manager”, Josh, with RehabCare. He told me he liked one of my posts and has posted it on their new blog and linked back to me! I am excited!
What is ironic is that I stumbled across this blog a few days ago and had meant to mention it/add it to my sidebar! I'll do that when I get home tonight. That is so cool!
We just had neuro on Gross Arm Control, now I am doing some e-mail/printing out stuff in the lab. Then we have a class from a guest lecturer (VA OT) on spinal cord injuries…then lots of studying then working out!
Aug 20, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1