No good very bad horrible day!

Today I fell asleep in class and got called out by the professor (whoopsiedoodles), then went to pick up my car which wasn't fully fixed because the belt pulley thing wasn't fitting so I have to go back, then I went to a bad part of town to get some shredded foam for this giant foam-bag thing, then I locked my key in the car. USAA helped me out quickly once I exhausted the other easiest options. Then I was supposed to be part of a panel for a diversity symposium for healthcare professionals (press release a post or two down), but I forgot about the time change, PLUS I had a few connection issues. So I basically missed the first hour and was only able to do about 10 minutes worth of chatting (via AIM and an awesome MOT student named Kuma in Philadelphia). I brought up how diversity doesn't just apply to ethnicity – it applies to people with disabilities too. (That was for you, Cookie Gimp)

As that Alexander kid would say, this was a no good very bad horrible no good day or whatever. :O The good news is, I did find time for a long nap. The bad news is, I found time for a long nap and now I'm gonna be up all night long.

Today we learned about cardiac rehabilitation in the morning, then had a research meeting, and then had article presentations in the afternoon. And I got to have a chocolate chip cookie from Subway, sinfully delicious.

I need to do my FAFSA and work on my Well Elderly project and Tai Chi paper and Competency Checklists for COTAs and blah blah blah, but who are we kidding! This has not been a good day so I think I should eat grapes with a palm frond and watch mindless TV! Or at least read some snarky websites! Maybe tomorrow I'll be more OT-minded again.

Feb 28, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1