No-sew blanket making + Pathology + Random OT day

Picture of the VALPAR assessment I’ll be doing a presentation on with Stephanie.

Multiple people working on same blanket

Diligent Anna with her beautiful blanket
Not so diligent Karen with her not so beautiful blanket, I blame Wal-mart for poor choices.

Look at that technology! Distance learning component is reflected in left tv screen so we are seeing them, Powerpoint is seen by us and them as well. During the motor re-learning presentation by Brooke, Camiell, and Allison.

Yesterday we made no-sew blankets in our quick-and-dirty occupational therapy media session. You buy a yard or two of two different fleece patterns, lie them on top of each other, and then cut 5-6 inch cuts all around the blanket, an inch apart. You then tie each of the pieces of fringe which consists of one piece of fleece A and one piece of fleece B. It was FUN. I bought my fleece at a Super-Walmart with not many options but I’m totally buying cuter stuff and making Christmas presents out of it. We again discussed how we could use this craft as occupational therapists, and that it could be used with many different populations, be graded in different ways depending on the problem, etc.

Today we had a 2 hour presentation given by fellow students on Motor Relearning, which sounds way better than NDT! Then we had our first Pathology course, which is taken together by all members of the Allied Health college – PT, OT, HIMS, Cytotechnology, etc. We had heard rumors that last year almost everyone failed and so the professor ended up having to give everyone A’s, because it was just made way too hard. So we were scared, but it turns out she has changed it so that the tests are now open-book and take home. This woman is a genius and talked incredibly fast and I took 12 pages of notes, so it is possible that the tests will still be pretty hard. But I have background in cell biology, immunology, etc from my undergrad so I am excited about the challenge. In fact, I just sat here and read through the first two chapters and it kinda felt “safe” because it was the kind of stuff I did in undergrad. Hand me words like “polymorphonuclear leukocyte” and I feel right at home.

THEN we had lunch, at which time I met with fellow student Stephanie to start work on our upcoming VALPAR presentation, which is like a work-assessment where you have to sort 146 chips into 48? categories in a timed session. We decided to make a mini video and how to divide up the rest of the work.

THEN we had a guest speaker on Early Intervention Services, who finished early, so we got to leave early, which was great. Allison and I went and worked out. Now I’m home and showered and going to go to an Al-Anon meeting tonight with Allison. (It’s an open meeting, plus I have a family member in alcohol recovery so I’m excited about maybe going regularly).

THEN I’m going to come home and work on the VALPAR Powerpoint, read some chapters for tomorrow’s classes on early intervention and the occupation of play, organize a few things, and then try to get to bed at a reasonable time! Oh and I want to go through my old medical terminology flashcards to help me with pathology terms like karyorrhexis!

I’m enclosing some pictures of yesterday’s blanket making….later on tonight or possibly tomorrow I’ll do my OT student post!! I gotta do something to get my readers back, my stats have been dropping precipitously.

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