No snow day for OT students ::sobs:::

I woke up at 7:30 today which is downright SPOOKY since if left to my own devices I can typically sleep about 25 hours a day. I'm interested to see if we really get this major winter storm. Typically Memphis gets nothing fun and it's like la la la la OH MY GOSH WINTER STORM NOOOOO BUY SOME MILK AND WATER and then eventually its like OKAY THAT WAS STUPID I SHOULD STOP TYPING IN CAPS BECAUSE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED SO I HAVE NO REASON TO BE EXCITED.

The stormy stuff is probably gonna start in the noonish area…I'm torn and thinking about going to school like, now, to work on stuff and not have to be on the exposed level of the parking garage. (The later you get there, the more likely you end up on the top floor). Plus if I stay home I'll just do nothing, realistically. We only have class 10am to noon today- therapeutic media – Brooke and Kim are doing picture frame making, and Allison and Kerri are doing soap making. We'll all be simulating disabilities with a partner/OTS to help us, then switching. Pretty easy class since I'm just a participant today. Then I have a management meeting to talk about competencies and licensure law and stuff, then I was going to hit a local hospital to volunteer but we'll see how the weather is. Then, again based on weather, I'm going out for margaritas with some OT girls including first year OT student Talli, my little sib and AWESOME person, for her birthday, then to my friends Paul & Angela, then working.

I think this was truly possibly the most boring post of my life. I'm sorry. I really am. At 730am (did I mention its 730am or ok 750 now),  I'm typically not good for much. I'll try to put up new pictures this weekend from some of our therapeutic media labs, so get excited…that is, if I havent turned into a Karen-flavored popsickle.

I have a bunch of posts to work on but they all actually require some modicum of brain power, so I probably won't do them until this weekend when my brain is refreshed.

Mar 07, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2