Nobody…knows….the pain…..

Do I need this t-shirt? I want it!! Some days my stats make me think I do need it….other days I feel really popular. 🙂 I’m almost at 25,000 page views for this OT student blog! Woot woot!
Regardless, I feel like if I wore it, I’d get some pity!


So Neal, our “tech dude”, wrote the sweetest thing about OT today for the blog but I’m going to wait to post it because um, I have to go shower now before I go enter in research data. Our online management meeting was quite successful – we’re moving onto budgeting for a department as well as starting a project on “little people” aka LPs aka dwarves (old offensive term being midgets)…we had to pick a population that does not traditionally receive OT. I think it will be cool and potentially can really help some people!

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