Norway haul…and OT rant

This is just the so-far pile of stuff I got for my upcoming trip to Norway and the South. Wow. I went a little nuts today. Most of what I got, especially for the new babies, is OT-related or can be used in an OT way. Well I guess technically AN YTHING can be used in an OT way when you think about it, right? Seriously. ANYTHING. Read the like, ten posts below to see a bunch of OT stuff I bought today on my random OT shopping spree. I’m a little crazy about getting toys for my OT kids……I do make most of it academic based seeing as how I am a school OT but we do always have a little warm-up, or cool-down, or free choice, or bribery/rewards (cough), etc 🙂 Okay this is the end of this blog blizzard. I had to just do it now or I never would. I have NOT forgotten about all the conference posts that I am still working on! I have a pile! Really I should be working on OT paperwork now and just procrastinated. And dang this is a long caption. I wonder if it will be size 2 on my blog. Guess we are about to find out….and…..PUBLISH!
May 28, 2012 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none