Not so great a day

Today was not such a good day. Busy at work, I felt I did a crappy job on some evaluations, had to go to the vet to pick up flea meds and then spend an hour with Lester the Lion Kitty in the bathroom cutting off his fur and waiting for dead fleas (and his eye looks better but his mouth is horrid again), and I've had random surges of anxiety all day – imagine the surge of adrenaline you get when something bad happens – and then imagine it happening to you for no reason, repeatedly, throughout the day. It's exhausting.

I do however have a ton of OT-related posts I want to do – like OT being a great recession-proof job, about Student Conclave, about Obama's grandmother's broken hip and how AOTA should jump on it, blah blah blah – but maybe I'll feel more like it later on.

Our census raised dramatically and we went from like, eight patients in a day, to right now having a minimum of 4 evals tomorrow plus sixteen treatments…for me, the main OT, and a COTA (who is there until 2pm I think?)….and I am pretty limited in my ability to handle treatments…augh!!!!!!! Ooh and it is the COTA's birthday tomorrow 🙂 And we are going out to eat lunch – OTs and STs – yay.

And TOTA conference is this Friday – a few OT students from my class and a bunch from class below are going. 🙂

Anyway….I'm going to try and function for a few hours! I'm supposed to meet some friends for dinner – but it will probably be a short affair if so since I'm so wiped out!

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