nothing to see, nothing to see

This is one of those posts that is made for ME so that in the future I can look back to know what I was up to. It's utterly boring, you'e been warned. Move on, nothing to see here. Oh by the way I have a ton of e-mails and comments to respond to…email is full again and it always takes me a while to catch up!!

I should be watching an OT work with vent babies right now, but I'm home. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really yucky and after being up a while then, I can barely keep my eyes open! I need to make some final touches to some research stuff and then I'm going back to sleep. I don't think I have a virus or anything though…just need some extra rest.

It's been an insanely busy few days, but really fun too! I don't remember where I left off, but I'll start with Sunday. Meg, Emily, and I, met up at 8am to drive to Millington for Allison's tri-athlon. It was really cool to see! Allison finished with no trouble and was happy! We were really proud of her. I have tons of pictures to put online once I am more awake. Around 1:30 we headed back to Memphis. I went straight to my landlord's birthday celebration and had some cake. Then I went straight to go “babysit” with the parents still home, so that the kids and I could get acquainted. I ended up staying for dinner. The mom was like, I'm going to throw together a salad. Then she like roasted almonds, cut up celery and chivey things, pulled out mandarin oranges….I was like dang, if I were to say I'm throwing together a salad, it would probably mean lettuce. LOL. It was fun spending time with them as I love spending time with families! And I convinced the kids I had magical powers, by the way…which is always a helpful skill. LOL

After that I have no idea what I ended up doing, lol. Oh yeah, Allison came over and we worked on PDEs together until midnightish.

Monday – yesterday – I worked on finishing PDEs in the morning, then met Julie at Ave Maria to do a few more assessments. Then I ended up on a whim stopping by the car inspection site – yay. My car has like a shower chair, a mat, towels, my makeup, coupons, foam swords, and some other completely random stuff in it right now. Then it was time for my PDE – it went well. My paraphrased understanding of their feedback was that the faculty is concerned because I seem so stressed and “abrupt” and stuff this semester compared to last semester. This kind of made me feel bad. I told my PDE advisor to go back to the faculty with a few pieces of explanation.

1. A lot of the issue is fatigue due to medication changes this semester – but I'm fatigued the same amount regardless of what I do, so I stay busy for the most part – but that makes me appear a lot more stressed than I really am, since it's just a struggle to stay active.
2. I am trying to be cool to my peers! And cool means not spending a lot of time hanging out with faculty!
3. The faculty has also been stressed out and busy this semester, so I'm not going to like hang out when their body language clearly shows they are stressed/busy. So nyah.

Anyway, it was good overall, I just wish the faculty wasn't concerned…then I went straight to babysit again while the mom went to a class. The kids were pretty good, I brought my foam swords…but oddly enough both kids were in bed before 8pm by their own choosing, it kinda freaked me out! LOL.

Today as I said at first my plans changed…I need to work on the research poster and rest a lot more, and clean the house, and work out, and a bunch of other stuff….hhhmmm.

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