Novelty OT toys picked up on my trip…

So, I have all those shark grabber things where you pinch the handle to open/close the shark’s mouth, and I am going to float duckies in water and then have them grab them. And those little duckies I got out of those $50 cent containers at a shopping market cuz they were super adorable, whether they float or not. I’ll use those with tongs. 

These are those prickly pattern boards where you put beads on them and I guess melt them, but I won’t take it to the melting phase. Just have them maybe do an outline, or maybe make a pattern and have them copy it, or add a face to that weird horse puppy character, or who knows. 

I have a tong fetish. In the sense that I try to collect as many types of tongs and tweezers as possible for my kids to use, and I found these in Norway, old fashioned wooden tongs. Great tool for the kids to work on hand strengthening, coordination, etc, but also fun! 

I got these at a museum in Norway even though they are in English, because the bugs in there are pretty high quality and cool, many of my little OT boys love bugs and especially like weird bugs, and there were plenty of weirdos in this package. 

I got these at Publix. Sword picks, mini forks, and flamingos. Hard to see, yes my photography sucks, sorry. But again great for putting in styrofoam, or using in clay, etc etc. 

My kids love Stretchables more than almost anything else. They always clamor to keep one as a prize. I sometimes give in, but try not to give in too often as they add up in price. I don’t manage to find stretchable-animals too often (and when I do its usually lizards or frogs) so when I do find them I stock up. I got three packages of these once I saw the colors/shapes were a little different in each package. We mostly use these for tongs, and sometimes we use them as our invisible game friends, ie when it’s just me and a kid and we want to play a game with like 3 or 4 people, we designate stretchables as people and they take turns….

All of these things were bought either in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Denmark, or Norway, lol. Some of it I could probably find back in CA, but if I saw it and hadn’t seen it before, I got it just in case. I seriously have an obsession with buying stuff for my OT kids to use!!! 

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