I've been in Nashville, preparing for my final rotation. Today my friends drove me to the location – not too bad of a commute. I couldn't figure out which building on the campus I need to be at on Monday morning though! Guess I'll get there early.

I'm actually a little “off” in entirety regarding this fieldwork. I didn't contact them until rather late and there's an issue with the CPR card (which was stolen since it was in my wallet when my car got broken into in late October) – I'm getting a replacement card but it won't be there by Monday, that's for sure. This fieldwork site is going to be like YOU SUCK and I'm going to break down and be like I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Ok just kidding. Kind of. That reminds me, I need to print out my online orientation test. And like, take it first. LOL. Guess I'll do that now.

I joined the Curves gym here and I'm working on getting healthier…hmmm. Have been sleeping a lot, healing from my sinus infection…so don't have a lot of fascinating stories to tell…of course I could tell my old stories and I will, but not yet, because um, I still don't feel much like it.

By the way, my high maintenance low-level obese patient that I did a lot of co-treats with PT, who would rarely even open her eyes even though she was fairly young (but had terminal illness)…I found her in the obituaries. (We had discharged her because she wasn't wanting to do anything anymore…can't really blame her.) Ouch.

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