Occupational Therapist Student = Tree Killer

I just spent the last few hours going through, literally, about two reams worth of notes. I caught up on all my academic filing and did binder transfers as necessary. If I were to stack up the binders of papers I've accrued just since July, it would be about two feet high, easily.

Now it's 1:20 am. I'm more awake than I need to be, especially since I volunteer tomorrow morning holding babies!

Over the next two weeks  I need to:

1) Finish my ASD app
2) Sign up for the first ever National OT Student Conclave in Pittsburgh, PA, that will be held in November. Good thing I bought a smashing new coat. 😉
3) Make tipsheets/cheatsheets for my physical dysfunction Level I fieldwork starting on Monday, which lasts two weeks. Review notes on SCI (spinal cord injuries), TBI (traumatic brain injuries), and CVA (Cerebrovascular accidents, ie strokes). I'll post them here and send them to my classmates as well. Hopefully they will help others – I searched Google and didn't find any helpful quick tipsheets. If you have any, let me know!!
4) Work on a group assessment presentation with 3 other Memphis members, 2 Chattanooga members.
5) Work on my part of a group community initiative proposal with 4 other students (using a shared Google document)
6) Go through the syllabi and master schedule and search for conflicts for the remaining 6 weeks, since I somehow missed a few recent conflicts and need to double-check my accuracy!
7) Work on my part of a case study I am doing with 5 other students on a child with hemiparesis
8) Work on my treatment creation activity based on previous projects (a sensory integration (SI) board game loosely modeled like CandyLand)
9) Try to do some professional blogging instead of my typical “AUGH OMG I AM SO CRAZY BUSY AND STRESSED OMG OMG OMG MORE LATER” posts.

 I'm probably forgetting something else.

Think I should go to bed? Yeah, me too.

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