Occupational Therapy as illustrated by LOLcats

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE SEE COMMENTS SECTION BEFORE READING THIS! Apparently this post is slightly more offensive/controversial than I would have ever guessed, considering my intentions were 100% benign and I only meant to amuse, not offend. I’ve addressed this in a post linked in the comments section, so please visit that if you do (hopefully not) take issue with this post. I again apologize for any offense I may have caused. I have decided to keep the post up instead of pulling it because dealing with the controversy it caused was a good learning experience for me and hopefully for others as well!

This is how many of our patients come to us, emotionally and physically…

Sometimes our patients are struggling with life-altering changes, like in the case of an amputation…Sometimes our patients just have bad habits we need to work on, or at the very least, need a referral to a 12-step program.

Sometimes our patients have trouble taking turns and need gentle but firm reminders.

Sometimes we can use Wii therapy with our patients, as discussed recently on www.otility.com, to make their therapy more fun and engaging.

Sometimes our patients shock us with their stories of occupational deprivation and it is all we can do to hide our surprise or dismay.

And sometimes, as occupational therapists, if we are unable to compartmentalize our workday and bring our emotions home with us, our patients will lead us to drink. If this happens too often, it starts the “Halp” cycle all over again. And this time we begin it as a patient, not a therapist.

The moral of the story? Don’t let yourself run out of happy.

The End.

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