Occupational therapy OT OTS occupational therapy student OH PLEASE GOOGLE READ ME

I have neglected my OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY blog the last few days. I'm a bad, bad, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY STUDENT! I'm gonna go flagellate myself now! Just kidding, actually I'm about to go see A Tuna Christmas, which is a really funny play, with my friend Christa. I'm also going to be seeing some good friends of mine tonight for the first time in a while! My goals for the night include finishing off my thank you cards, Christmas cards to Norway, making up my campaign flyer for ASD (vote for me vote for me vote for me!), doing dishes, cleaning up, etc etc etc. I should probably go buy some food too, seeing as how I have milk but no cereal, cheese but no crackers or bread, a single orange with way too many seeds, etc. Anyway, that was really boring to share, but now my to do list is written out so HA HA HA IN YOUR FACE.

Wow, that was INAPPROPRIATE! As Rosemary, one of our professors, would say. I need to go get ready for the play, but my other major TO DO thing tonight is to catch up on the first few days of OT school, and post some pictures! I need to get back into favor with Google rankings! Oh you googly goddess, please put me back in the top of your searches! I feel so lost and alone hovering in cyberspace!

The Happiest OT aka Occupational Therapy Student in the World
Because OT aka Occupational Therapy is So cool
Because OT aka Occupational Therapy is a good Google search
Because Google loves OT aka Occupational Therapy
And because Google wants its spiders to find OT aka Occupational Therapy
Forever and ever, world with out end. Occupational therapy.

PS2: I have a bunch of sweet reader e-mails to respond to tonight too!! I love you guys so much!! Even though I don't know you at all!!

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