Oh dearest blog…

Oh blessed Google,

You give me back my rightful place in search rankings, and then I betray you by going multiple days without posting. I got a lot done on my Well Elderly project this afternoon – I'm excited to share it – and I just came back from a walk with my landlords, so my fingers are so frozen I can barely type. I'm gonna jump in the shower and then later on tonight, blog on AOTA conference and stuff, properly, otherwise I shall be flayed with dry fettuccine. Oh and I want to put up a management thing + steal Facebook pictures from the MOT 1s 🙂

I know it is silly to write down that I'm gonna write later, but somehow I felt I couldn't go another second without writing to my blog…now I feel better and can move on with my life. Be back soon.

PS: Shout out to the keu keu students, Dr. Vicki swears the stuff you learn is not for torture. 🙂

Mar 19, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none