Oh-Tee Makes Me Hap-Ee

I was wearing my OT jacket on the airport shuttle today, and a person asked me to explain the difference between PT and OT. I really hate answering this question because I feel I can never do it justice in just a small sound bite. I said that OT can be similar to PT in that they can do a lot of upper-body work, but that more importantly, the focus was on the use of meaningful activities, aka occupations, to restore function, independence, and/or quality of life, to people of any age – from preemies to geriatric patients. They commented that that sounded pretty cool, and I agreed. I told them how happy I was that I had found a career I really cared about, and how neat it was that we had so many different ways to help others.

In the last few days, I've been able to give suggestions on basic environmental modifications (maybe lowering work surfaces for someone with a rotator cuff tear waiting for surgery), assistive devices (ice tips for crutches), and more. It was just with friends and suggested informally, since as always, I want to make the disclaimer that I'm A STUDENT and just sharing some of the information I've received…not practicing without a license!!! (::Stares at NBCOT:::) I'm so paranoid. I'm sorry.

It just makes me happy to have a mental toolbox that can help my friends in small ways…

So…a few blog goals in no particular order…

1. Special Ed Teacher Post
2. Discuss Caregiving &Preemie Book I read in Florida
3. More “Cookie Gimp” (disability activist) thoughts…I need to catch up on e-mails from him and will have more to ponder…
4. Talking about the smartest little boy EVERRRRRRRRRRRR who I got to meet in Florida…
5. Talking about playfulness/Greenspan's concept of Floor-Time
6. Talk about a recent victory where OTs don't have to be specifically certified to do wheelchair evals. Or something like that.
6. I dunno – I need more material from people. Send it on!!!
8. Learn to count.

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