Ok good night….oh yeah labcoats

Virginia and Brooke just finished their phys dys (physical dysfunction, like acute care hospitals/rehab hospitals) rotations and they gave me some great resources to look at this week..so nice of them….plus someone posted this link on a listserv, to a glossary of medical abbreviations…


….so this week I am going to be volunteering and/or observing at at least five different places, plus a ton of errands…plus preparing for this next fieldwork…gotta figure out where my white labcoat went….oh yes…all you foreign OTs who mock the scrubs/medical model…you all will die to know I not only have to wear scrubs BUT A FRIKKEN WHITE LABCOAT on my next rotation. Even I, scrubs lover, think a labcoat is going too far. Ugh.

Anyway…good night.

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