Ok I am back and OT minded

Rereading the post below reminded me I did have an OT post for today to write up!

This morning OTS Julie brought up that she and her best friend OTS Anna were talking the other day and Anna seriously asked her about someone's “meaningful occupations”, even though it was completely not school-related. Then I brought up that I was talking to my landlord about his mother, who he just moved into a retirement community, and I was like, how is her functional mobility? And then Julie said one time she abbreviated an address and said Tx for Texas, and then later looked at it and was like “Treatment? huh?” And then Kerri said she was reading something the other day and was like OMG THIS IS SO OT-related.

We're being OT brain-washed! Yay!

Excuse me while I go pursue the meaningful occupation of watching TV, while ignoring the meaningless occupation of doing my dishes.

Feb 28, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none