Okay Thursday is over phew

I have more stuff to post/share and I STILL haven't gotten to Facebook because I suck, but I'm just going to do the quick version of today – and wait on yesterday – cuz I'm about to fall asleep

Today was awesome because I got to sleep in ridiculously late (although forgot to take my meds and have had a headache all night because of it)…and then I had my little girl with visual perceptual issues….I got several smiles out of her today…she is so cute. We worked some on her writing her address, and her handwriting is sooo atrocious, LOL…we also did some worksheets on VP from edhelper.com, some of the C D B book, a new Peeps puzzle, etc…

Almost every kid in the world cancelled today which is crazy and rarely happens – so I only had one other kid – one I haven't seen before – a little boy who needs a lot of basic help and probably has autism – Christy my OT says he has good days and bad days, and apparently i got him on a good day, because after a few minutes in the ball pit and with the tunnel, I managed to keep him strapped in at the table for the next like 40 minutes, with the busy bugs – we walked them back and forth on the table a while talking about colors, then we would put them away, tell them good night and turn off the light…wait a minute or two, say good morning, turn on the light, dump them out…..repeat…lol…then we added in some variation where I dumped the bugs out in the night and then we'd turn on the lights and find them out of bed, put them in time-out for one minute, etc. LOL….I was in a sing-ey mood and he seemed to like it so I would sing things like “Grasshopper jumps in the air, grasshopper jumps into your hair…..ahahahhaha. Who wants to sponsor my voice lessons so I stop shattering eardrums?!!!

Then Haley, the really way wonderful speech aid who will kick graduate school butt, came in for co-treat, and we worked with him on finding certain colored bugs and then certain colored “food” for the bugs, to work on coloring and counting and stuff…she is awesome. She just Facebooked me to tell me to put on more pictures but the problem is that I can't include kid's faces – I think I may start taking two types of pictures – not just website-worthy-picture-form-release worthy ones, but also blog-worthy ones from the back or sides so that the kid isn't recognizable but the activity is. :O

The only other kid we saw was a kid who has a lot of difficulty with self-expression and emotions labelling, so really his OT session involves a lot of psychology…my OT did an art therapy session with him where she would draw a line then he had to make something of it, taking turns, and then at the end they labelled it as well as discussed things about it…she wanted to work on SCARY things with him and to discuss what is scary and how to deal with it, and we ended up with a  list of things that are scary for me, Christy, and him (mine included loose teeth, storms, water, and rollercoasters)….it was a neat session to watch as Christy extracted things from him. I tried to lay low in this session, at least for the first part, so that I would not be a distraction.

So basically instead of 9 kids we only had THREE…which is crazy. Nice though too, although spread out enough that I still didn't get to leave early really 🙁 Oh well LOL

Then I went to the grocery store, made dinner, and have been sitting around at home ever since…cleaning, organizing, chilling…very tired. ….I bought some chicken pieces, some reduced-price-old (?) rosemary potato bread, then shredded up the chicken andbread, crushed in some baked lays potato chips, and sprinkled some corn on top…it was yum…a chicken-corn-chips-bread collage….too bad bread doesn't start with a C or that would be an awesome name. I guess I could lie and call it crust so I could have chicken-corns-chips-crust-collages, or 5C for short. Just kidding, I'm delirious. ANYWAY….I usually eat peanut butter crackers, frozen cherries, or some other random assortment of food for dinner, if left to my own devices, so having real food – including protein – is like miraculous. Woot woot.

Okay anyway. I'm TIRED. Will blog on Wednesday + newest emails + Facebook stuff later…plus I so badly want to catch up on OT blogs and share a bunch, and well, ugh, there is not enough hours in a day.

Friday makes FOUR weeks….1/3 of the way through first fieldwork…which is crazy.

Tomorrow we start with a home visit, then I have three hours of kids, from 1030 to 130…well really Christy is scheduled for those kids but that means they are mine….I hope the last kid doesn't show up, I have not heard of him before but I hear he usually doesn't show up!! The home visit kid and the first clinic kid I know, but the second kid I've only heard the name of…. Then I meet a friend around 3ish and then I hang with Kerri & Brent and then I might be joining some of the MOT Class of 2009 for an outing….it starts with the South Main trolley tours of downtown memphis but we'll see, I may be too tired for that, and may just join them for seeing a movie at the drive-in, since I've never gone before!!

This weekend I want to hit the Alzheimer's Daycare center on Saturday for a few hours to chill with old people, hit LeBonheur to hold babies a few hours on Sunday, do some belly-dancing practice, and see a ton of friends. Plus try and rest some in preparation for another week. Oh, and I need to go with my landlord to go pick up some stuff. And my landlord's friend is going to fix my leaking air conditioner, etc. Yay. Woot. Okay. Did I mention I'm going to sleep. Yeah. Good night luviepoos. Don't let the busy bad bed bugs bite. Alliteration is awesome.

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