On the job hunt

All right y'all, I'm on the job hunt for a job as an occupational therapist somewhere between San Diego CA and the border….ideally south of La Jolla, not north. I'm looking for a pediatric position but if that fails, I'm going to look more into hospitals etc. Any leads on pediatric positions or anything else? It needs to be at least 30 hours a week with benefits. Ideally a flexible schedule but we all know that's only a dream, haha….my other dream is good mentorship 🙂 I'd like to keep working on my Spanish as it's okay but definitely no where near fluent!!

I just got back from South America this past Monday so this week I went and got my new driver's license, finishing up process of getting CA OT license, went and observed at a potential job site (but it unfortunately wasn't an ideal fit), etc….this upcoming week my goal is more job searching!

I have a few OT comments I need to work on responding to, about getting into OT school. Although a word to the wise – it's been like….4+ years since i entered OT school, so you may want to get advice from someone who more recently went through the process! 🙂

Dec 27, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 4