One day of final fieldwork remaining….nine months over!!

I HIT ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND PAGE VIEWS YESTERDAY……it only took me two years to do so 😡 Right now I'm getting anywhere from 4 to 6,000 page views a month, roughly.


Today was “off”. I spent an ENTIRE HOUR in traffic this morning (instead of typical twenty minute trip) because of a big accident/diversion. The two nurses on staff in my unit were both not normal nurses for that unit so they weren't entirely sure of what they were doing with the geri psych patients. (Well trained, well versed in psych, but not typically on geri psych and each unit runs a little differently) The sole tech was the only one I sometimes have trouble with. And there were lots of problem patients. Screamer/yeller/criers, agressive ones, etc. Today was one of the few times I really felt surrounded by crazy people.

I tried to do group and in the middle of the room were our two criers/screamers with bad dementia. I attempted to remove them from group as it was almost impossible to focus, but the tech refused, saying she had to watch them and the men. So I moved them to her side of the room and my OT patients to the other side, but it was still really bad. Then my supervisor comes up and is not pleased with what she sees. The tech tries to get her to keep them there too but she overrode the tech and took them out. I appreciated that but I know she probably wasn't happy with me. In hindsight I should have taken my own pts to the other room, but I guess it didn't just occur to me. When I had walked in for group I was overwhelmed by the high density of poorly functioning patients that were going to make group hard for me, and I guess I just didn't want to rock the boat with trying to move my patients out. I should have though, it was a stupid rookie mistake on my part and I should have known better by now.

We did my final evaluation today, I passed, and she said some nice things.

Tomorrow my OT supervisor and Rehab boss-dude are going to get Thai for lunch if it works out time-wise. Won't surprise me if it doesn't but it's a very nice thought and gesture.

Today, like I said, it was two nurses rather unused to the floor, me, a social worker and a tech. Of course maintenance workers, cafeteria workers, nursing supervisors, housekeepers, etc, are also coming through.
One of the patients was getting agressive and kept cornering me (and any staff) every time we walked into the hall. The nurse tried to give him something to calm him down, while he was standing next to me, and he threw the cup of water right into her face, over the nurse's station. She got covered in water of course. I guess better water than chocolate pudding or juice, but still. The nurses didn't do anything, just let him stalk off. I guess it was the best way to keep from him escalating, but wow. It was a little scary. Had he gotten really combative, it would have sucked. A lot.

ANYWAY……I just turned in my professional development evaluations and I have two projects to complete tonight. I don't want to but I have no choice lol, considering tomorrow is my last day of fieldwork. Hard to believe. 5 years of college, almost 3 years of a master's program, plus a semester off here and there, and now I'm 26 and a half and just now starting a career.

Someone emailed me recently saying they looked forward to hearing about dealing with NBCOT, interviews, job searchs, etc…and I was like yeah…wow…I'm transitioning from student to practitioner and that's a whole nuther journey!! Kinda silly to make it sound like thats a revelation, but it is!
Hmm, guess my address “otstudents” is about to be a misgnomer.

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