One last thing…

an achievement…I saw on the nursing/social worker notes that often accompany a chart, that the social worker had mentioned to a particular patient's family that OT would be assessing patient for safety returning back to living alone.

Six weeks ago, the social worker didn't use OT at ALL for anything, and now she comes to me for any patient that may be making a change of living situation, asking me to do the Cognitive Performance test, etc. We talk almost daily for a few brief minutes about patient statuses…

I hadn't really thought about it because it's become a norm, but when talking to my friend tonight, I realized what a change that is from when I first started there, and I'm proud to say it's 100% because of me going to her and letting her know we can assist her. She hadn't realized. It helps her a lot to not have to make the decisions quite as blindly so she is happy to utilize OT now, and it's just become commonplace.

Talk about Centennial Vision! Woot! Alright, no more bragging…just realized how things have changed.

Feb 19, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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