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I'm trying not to hijack my OT blog into Lester the Lion Kitty Blog, but he's so cute that it's hard to stay on track 🙂 I love the one where I'm looked at him bemused and his tongue is sticking like a foot out!!

Ok last bit of Lester news, www.uglyoverload (nemesis of which makes me barf because it's TOO cute), will probably be posting Lester soon!


Not sure what schedule is tomorrow since was gone today but I presume be at OT's house at 830….guessing we are spending day in rural Miss. 🙂


Classmate and I spoke on AIM tonight about a sensory integration powerpoint inservice she will be doing…I've promised to guide/assist a little in exchange for her doing the whole creative commons thing and letting me post the finished Powerpoint on YouTube 🙂 We had chatted on phone earlier and she was not motivated at all to start it…I forced her to pull it up and type one thing into like 10 slides, just as a start…I'm hard-core when it comes to making people stop procrastinating, LOL. ….she wanted so bad to figure out design first and I was like…you have ten minutes. If you have no slide design by then, move on for now. I AM MEAN!  Fixed a few big typos and deleted some extra-extra-extraneous, otherwise intact.

A good example of online social community, professionally (Well quasi professionally…)…collaborating online so we can both be doing other things at same time as talking…not even in same building, etc.



Karen (10:13:06 PM): …how is your powerpoint going

FrenemyA (10:13:19 PM): it looks kinda purty

Karen (10:13:30 PM): great :-)did you do anything beside slide design? ;lol

FrenemyA (10:14:17 PM): I typed a couple of things.. trying to define tactile, vestibular, etc.. without taking direct definitions from the book

Karen (10:14:43 PM): watcha got so far

FrenemyA (10:14:59 PM): Tactile
Provides feedback primarily through the surface of the skin
Gives information about the texture, shape, and size


FrenemyA (10:19:18 PM): Our chapter in our peds book breaks si down into 4 categories

FrenemyA (10:19:57 PM): 1. sensory modulation problems 2. sensory discrimination and perception problems 3. vestibular-proprioceptive problems 4. praxis problems

Karen (10:21:30 PM): Do you want to do something similar with your powerpoint

Karen (10:21:35 PM): that would be an easy guide to follow

Karen (10:21:45 PM): how long is this

FrenemyA (10:22:05 PM): not too long.. I just wasn't sure if the language was too hard

Karen (10:22:27 PM): Use the expression but then way simplify it

Karen (10:23:09 PM): are you doing case-smith?

FrenemyA (10:23:37 PM): yeah

Karen (10:23:59 PM): how about Intro to Sensory Integration – mention how normal senses known but some of magic of OT is knowledge of lesser known  Ayres 3 senses –

Karen (10:24:02 PM): define the three

Karen (10:24:10 PM): explain problems in sensory integration/processing can lead to behavioral issues

Karen (10:24:21 PM): and then go into 4 – parter of case-smith with dumbed down language

Karen (10:25:02 PM): lots of pictures, lots of examples, lots of treatment activities…stick to dealing with it and less of actual theory. if its for like all the teachers and peeps who arent into OT.     ???? just suggestions, not commands lol

FrenemyA (10:26:18 PM): thanks.. sending you powerpoint so you can laugh.. check it out

Karen (10:31:05 PM): ok gimme a sec and i shall

FrenemyA< span style="font-size: 9pt; font-family: "Arial","sans-serif"; color: rgb(15, 5, 149);"> (10:31:32 PM): sec=2 hours

Karen (10:31:47 PM): ahahahaha

Karen (10:31:49 PM): time warp baby

Karen (10:33:55 PM): um i dont have it

Karen (10:34:04 PM): so you did a crappy job of sending it

FrenemyA (10:34:05 PM): I emailed it to you

Karen (10:34:10 PM): well you sucked at emailing it to me

Karen (10:34:17 PM): email it dir to gmail see if that helps anyway

FrenemyA (10:34:38 PM): done

Karen (10:46:31 PM): looking at it now

Karen (10:47:40 PM): hey you've gotten pretty far already!

FrenemyA (10:47:56 PM): do you like my first senses slide

Karen (10:48:02 PM): yes i love it actually

Karen (10:48:23 PM): might do a slide right after 5 Normal with the “Three Lesser Known” slide, have like a single Ayres history slide



——— Talk of SI, then mention of tomorrow, she had some big family stuff crop up tonight so wasn’t feeling prepared for her peds group tomorrow.


Karen (10:50:36 PM): what is your group gonna be on, lets chat just rilly fast on it so you can go to bed without feeling totally unprepared

Karen (10:50:39 PM): lol

FrenemyA (10:51:02 PM): okay..let's see…

FrenemyA (10:51:48 PM): I have copies of 5 aliens that they can color.. then you cut the aliens in three slices.. face body and legs.. then you can trade body parts to make your own “cosmic combo”

FrenemyA (10:52:12 PM): I'm not really sure what that could cover.. yah know.. Is it about diversity, sharing??

Karen (10:52:51 PM): everybody's different but everyone is special

Karen (10:53:00 PM): diversity

Karen (10:53:18 PM): green face, blue body, purple legs…….pink face, whatev….

Karen (10:53:24 PM): let me send you a shel silverstein poem really quick to share with the kids (Ed Note – Poem was on We’re all the same color when we turn off the Light)

FrenemyA (10:53:58 PM): okie =)

Karen (10:54:01 PM): ygm

FrenemyA (10:55:11 PM): THANK YOU!! I really like that poem! It's great!!!

Karen (1
0:56:39 PM):

Karen (10:56:43 PM): me too, shel silverstein is AWESOME

FrenemyA (10:57:10 PM): I love “sarah cynthia silvia stout would not take the garbage out

FrenemyA (10:57:33 PM): I kind of want to do a group on manners sometime

Karen (10:59:25 PM): that would be a great one to do

Karen (10:59:27 PM): i dont know the sarah

FrenemyA (11:01:21 PM): ygm

Karen (11:02:46 PM): lol thats a great one

Karen (11:02:48 PM): never seen it before

Karen (11:02:50 PM): DEF do a manners group!

FrenemyA (11:03:02 PM): manners and chores prob

Karen (11:03:06 PM): yep

Karen (11:03:14 PM): hey do you care as always if i post some of this to blog re SI, groups, etc

Karen (11:03:16 PM): not all of it

FrenemyA (11:05:09 PM): I don't mind at all!!



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