Only one more day of Week 3…

Gave two ladies showers today…both needed some assist….but sometimes ya gotta wonder about scoring. Like for example, one of the ladies was wearing these disposable hospital panties that tend to roll up really bad….if she had normal underwear, she probably would have been just supervision. The rolled up underwear ended up making her a min assist because it was too much for her.

Did two groups….6 in first, 5 in one.  First was a Social Bingo. Second involved an 50 Noodle Boosters article from AARP…brain stimulation!

SOCIAL BINGO was interesting because it involved things like giving compliments to people sitting near you
This one lady walked around the table (she should use a walker as she holds onto furniture, but that won't happen), to give a compliment to another lady (one who has dementia and isn't really with it). With tears in her eyes she told the lady she was special and beautiful. This other lady looked up at her tremulously and said faintly “Thank you”. 
I thought that was sweet.

Another compliment was made by a lady with depression to a man with dementia. She said “I love your beautiful white hair” and he said thanks, want to run your hand through it? She did, a faint smile on her lips.

One of the really flirtatious men always winks at me and sometimes I wink back and he'll say, do you have something in your eye? He always wants to marry people, I tell him I'm married. Anyway, this lady – one of our higher functioning ones – told me “I gave my heart to your boyfriend” lol.

Another man got transferred to an Assisted Living facility today – I'm not sure the facility realizes his level of need – based on our results he needs to be in a nursing home, but apparently this AL facility gives a lot of physical assistance. I hope he does okay. My guess is he'll end up frustrating the other much higher level residents, and/or getting frustrated himself. I won't be surprised if he ends up back here, although for his sake I hope not.

It's interesting to hear how nurses talk amongst themselves about doctor decisions. The nurses spend all day with patients, the docs come in for rounds maybe once a day and spend at most a few minutes with their patients…sometimes the doctors make rather poor choices, I think. I dunno.

I need to figure out two groups for tomorrow, I bettr get crackalackin. One last stupid thing though

So when I fill out times in documentation, you have to do like 0834, not 834…four digits, not three. And if you do it with three digits it will bring up a box that says HHMM and I used to think that was so cute as if it were saying HMMMM!! Fix it!! Finally I realized it was saying HHMM as in hour hour minute minute.  I liked it better as the concept of Hmmm!! Oh well.

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