Oooh almost done with week off

So…… was busy day, too tired to even go into it! But I just realized I still need to do the fieldwork final questions (just like paragraph answers on questions about things encountered on fieldwork and special situations etc, that our program has us do), plus I haven't tried to find the hospital, plus I haven't looked over the ortho/neuro stuff, or found my lab coat, or done anything in preparation for starting 3 months of work again. Oopsies. Oh and I'm back to 100+ mails to respond to on gmail alone.

Plus Lester is a little sick (?) with an inflamed mouth and not acting quite right so I am taking him into the vet tomorrow and he'll probably end up with a teeth cleaning/inflammation shot(?) and a flea bath if nothing else, it's going to be expensive, booo, since I'm pretty sure he'll end up being sedated. Grrr.

Tomorrow…….drop Lester off at vet…work out at Curves w/ Kerri…finalize questions for final…hopefully volunteer at alzheimer's day center…babysit….also need to find a time early in day to do the final questions…and to search for lab coat which could take a while cuz I have noooooooo idea where I would have put it….

I think this weekend I have to fore-go most fun invitations and prepare for starting up the new fieldwork since I sure haven't done anything helpful this week! But I have had FUN this week  and that's important in an indirect way…:)

Anyway. Tired. Good night.

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