Origami Boxes – Media Lab

My finished origami box. Brooke let me borrow her wrapping paper, thanks!

Anna’s duck box, quack quack

Julie working diligently.

My partially unfolded origami box showing my half-hearted snails.

This lab was interesting, although as a general rule I hate origami.

Basically you fold three sheets of paper in the exact same way. Then you tape them together. Then you take two pieces of foamboard that are the same size as the folded-papers, puff up some cotton and glue it to one side of each piece of foamboard. Then you wrap each piece of foamboard with wrapping paper or tissue paper. You glue the foamboard to the paper so that it looks like a gift, although on the bottom piece you also glue/tape on some ribbon. That way you can wrap it up like a gift and it is very compact, although if you open it it is almost like an accordion. You can decorate the insides with pictures, stickers, drawings, whatever. It can be really cute! Also therapeutic, if you don’t hate origami. I guess you can work on frustration tolerance if so.

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