**I should clarify that I mean “typically developing” children as I know the iPad and other similar devices can be miracles for children who struggle in various areas!


I completely agree. I don’t care how educational the game or show is – SCREEN TIME IS HORRIBLE FOR CHILDREN!!!!!!! They should not be interacting with screens! They need to develop via real life activities and play, lots of running around, spinning, jumping, crawling, carrying things, experimenting with textures and abstract objects, using their eyes to focus on near and far distance, learning the world around them…
Screen time is not great for any kid, but especially the youngest ones – I truly believe one of the reasons the kids heading into school today are SO much more delayed in basic motor skills than in the past (visual motor, ocular motor,gross motor, fine motor, sensory motor, etc) is partially due to such extensive screen time. Lots of other reasons too.
And yes, I’m hypocritical as I know screen time is super motivating and easy to use and I sometimes use it too. Just don’t be fooled that it’s good for kids for more than a few minutes at a time a day. Ideally none.

*As I mentioned at top – certain cases and situations, especially for children with difficulties, are exceptions to the rule – but overall, for typically developing children, it is not ideal. And I realize the article linked is not exactly a high-level evidence article, but I do see that more and more professionals are realizing the harm it is doing. 

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