OT and POW!

Tomorrow morning I am going to some Low Vision case study presentation by some Level II fieldwork students, at UT…in the afternoon I am going to go visit my first fieldwork rotation to make sure I can find it, and maybe observe some to help decrease nervousness (the OT suggested it)! Also my friend Doug flies in and I think I'm going to do Bingo at Ave Maria for the last time since I won't be able to once I start fieldwork!

Today was busy and tomorrow will be too, I better go to sleep! I didn't work on my articles like I said I would but hopefully tomorrow midday will work out!

I just want the record to show that I recently played Scrabble with an OT friend of mine and when I tried to use “OT” and “POW” together (with the T under the O in POW), she said no because OT isn't a word by itself, and I thought that was TOTALLY uncool of her!! OT and POW are like best friends!!!!!! Synonyms! Hand holders! Pow! OT! Gives you the POWER! Kapow! Pow! Okay I'll stop now.

Good night!

Jun 26, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1