OT blog blizzard temporarily complete

I posted a bunch of posts today…the easiest ones I could….went to coffee shop with fast internet for first time since move….of course its 7 miles away and only open until 8pm..lol.better than nothing….went from 163 emails to deal with to about 115….hope to go back within next week and cross out another 30-40….didnt necessarily deal with them chronologically so much as how quickly i could deal with it/how much thinking was involved….so blog readers/commenters….have hope, I still have a bunch more to go. Most recent, a few much older ones 😡

Still have quite a few posts brewing ….am wishing I could post more about work but staying safe. I do start shadowing in long-term acute care tomorrow….I have enjoyed inpatient rehab but I think I'm more of an acute person when given the choice! Better than obtuse, right? Haha…
Anyway. yeah. More soon. Yay for all you recently-starting OT students….let me know how things are going…I'm guessing overwhelming…but I promise you can get through it! If you need a pep talk/morale booster really bad, e-mail me or comment…I can be a good cheerleader. IT WILL BE OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Alright I'm up way past bedtime. Gotta be up in six hours. Good night. 
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