OT Challenges !

Well now I am learning about peripheral neuropathy. Looks like at this point I will NOT be going to AOTA conference after all – in all honesty had I been able to sign up online for AOTA membership like I originally planned, that night I was trying, I would have gone because I was motivated that night. I haven't been motivated since to go dig up my NBCOT certification etc so at this point, not gonna happen. So….I know that makes me the worst person in the world and I really need to sign up for AOTA, but um…..still just haven't found that motivation. And now it's OT month and I'm in charge of that and I should totally promote OT so that makes me a bad role model AND I FEEL SO GUILTY CAN YOU TELL AUGH ::sobs:: seriously join AOTA and don't be sucky like me. I'll join some day soon….my hope is one day I'll ahve a burst of energy and magically get all this stuff done that i've been putting off.

Here is my current, pathologically non-energetic life:

1) Go to work, stress out far more than I should.
2) Come home, take nap of at least an hour or longer – lately I've been able to manage an hour instead of the 2-3 I was hitting for a while there :X
3) Eat something, maybe take a walk with roommate, prep for tomorrow, not do anything like pay bills or other worthwhile household management because I'm too tired,
4) Play online throughout evening to chill, then go to sleep.

My GOAL would be to get through the days with less stress than it's really self-imposed, to not take naps, to work out harder, eat healthier, and spend at least an hour a night doing productive stuff like bills, taxes, preparing for upcoming trips, blah blah…..but I guess all of us have our GOALS and then our real life. I'd love to get a reason for the lack of energy! I manage to stay energetic for my patients but then I'm completely wiped out.

My current challenge is a patient with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, I have to figure out the best practices! I was also researching today the efficacy of exercise programs for people with CP as there is literature saying it does nothing, literature saying it makes it worth, and literature saying it's a good thing. Hmmm.

Mar 31, 2010 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 2