OT Connections, New and improved. :)

OTConnections.AOTA.ORG  is now new and improved! They've changed the format/layout some so that it's more intuitive and easier to find things. They have forums, galleries, blogs, news, etc. 

I was talking to a non-traditional student today and we discussed how she would not have much time to blog. I recommended to her that she join OT Connections (I think you have to be an AOTA member to write stuff though…wish she should join as soon as she starts OT school next month! :)). That way she can blog when she feels like it and it will get posted visibly…not get lost way down in search engine rankings because of inactivity. 
And I think now that OTConnections has gotten easier, I am going to go that route too with practitioner blogging. I'll leave this student blog up as it has years of material (some of it better than other, cough, lol, I ramble too much, cough), but by next month I will probably have stopped adding new content to it, and will be over at OT Connections? Not positive. At the very least I'm going to try and use OTConnections more.
I recommend AOTA members (and if you are in OT and not AOTA members, you need to self-flagellate in penance and then sign up immediately)…join OT Connections!! We can have one big giant party!!! And AOTA didn't even pay me to write this promote-ory post….even though they should…hahaha. Seriously though, it's a great site and it needs support! Rah rah sis boom bah. The End. 
Aug 05, 2009 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1