OT connections

I think I've posted this but not positive. I'm in the “therapeutic recreation” center on their semi-more consistent wireless. Warm Springs has a big ol' mountain blocking signals….so my cell phone (Verizon which supposedly does the best around here) drops off regularly, and my wireless Internet is a joke! ANYWAY…that makes it hard to work on all my internet stuff like blogging etc!

I highly recommend people with questions or thoughts on OT, go to OT Connections (by AOTA). 
Here is a comment Sam, guru of OT Connections, left recently:
looking forward to reading your practitioner blog…just wanted to clarify that OTConnections is open to non AOTA members too and they can blog and participate in all parts of the website except for the SIS forums which are a member only area. 

so even if you are not an AOTA member you can join for FREE and participate! “

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