OT downers

The more sparkles in my hair, the more stressed I am….Right now I have about 30 which equals max stressedoutosity… I feel like I made about fifty thousand mistakes today. For each of them, I was trying to go above and beyond and that’s what led to the mistake. Maybe I should stick with mediocre 🙂 I’ve been sitting here crying because I’m so overwhelmed with all the mistakes. None of them were big but they all added up in my brain,  not to mention personal life stuff. I got several lovely emails today and was part of several IEP meetings today where the kids are doing absolutely fabulous so I have lots of reasons to celebrate, but sometimes the negative stuff wins. We’ve all had that, where we get ten compliments and one insult and we can only agonize over the insult. That’s me today. But, dude, I’ve been almost crying over the store being out of lemon pepper tuna, so I think I’m just extra sensitive these days.  I want to end this on a cheery note but I can’t think of anything so maybe I’ll leave this on a cherry note instead, here it is, horizontal   o–

update….I did cheer up. 🙂
update 2: I got an absolutely amazing letter from the director of special education letting me know how three different principals praised me at a recent principals meeting. 🙂

Sometimes you need the rain to get to the rainbows! 

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