OT Ghost Busters…still vote for u :)

Brooke & Karen were two very different people. Brooke was cool and Karen was not. Slowly, Karen has become cooler. Somehow it now means Brooke & Karen look like identical twins, but it is only by coincidence. 🙂 They are very close like sisters though, and so they would be great at working together in the AOTA ASD Steering Committee! Yay!

In Nashville for the night visiting some friends…my friend Christa and I left early Saturday morning…there was still ice on the road and we saw four massive accidents…one of which had us sit in traffic for 40 minutes before we ever got out of Memphis. Luckily Christa is a great driver and so it went fine after the initial scariness.

By the way, Christa complained of ghosts in her house that make her bedroom door creak (just kidding), and I came up with ideas on how to deal with the ghost. See how OTish I am? And how far-reaching OT can reach? We can even be ghost busters!!!!!!!!!!!!WHO YA GONNA CALL!! O T!

Jan 27, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1

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