Goals Gone Wild: OT goal from the Rural South….

I know I’ve shared this before but I just stumbled across it on my old Tweets and had to laugh.

From when I was an OT in rural Georgia, my first year 🙂
This man was asked his long-term goals for OT and he said “To be able to flip a bird, scratch my butt, and slap my wife.”
AHAHAHAHHAHAHA gotta love the rural deep south….he was a hoot. (Definitely joking, I promise, on the wife part!!)
I switched from posting on Twitter as Funkist to posting as MsAwesomenessOT….MissAwesomeness was taken and MissAwesomenessOT is too long.
I also have my pinterest still at www.pinterest.com/funkist/ot-ideas 🙂
Soon I am launching missawesomeness.com with a new look and hoping to get on top of getting out my children’s book once I get my illustrator lined up!
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