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So as I was completing the ADL (activity of daily life) of grooming tonight, ie showering, I started randomly thinking about OT identity.

I was never a popular child…never a popular middle schooler…high schooler…college-er…you get the point. And I’m not going to be so presumptuous to say I am popular now…but I’m a lot more popular than I used to be! And I’m the happiest, socially, that I have ever been. I have several really really good friends in my class of 27, and lots of acquaintances, and I like every person in my class….although as Joe would say, “I like some friends more than others”.

The point is…you may feel like you never really understood your peers…or never really had a place…but if you truly have an OT personality…you will find your social nirvana in OT school. You will typically be in small classes, with like-minded people….compassionate, sweet, kind, funny, SMART, creative, people! You will spend so much time together and have so many happy (and not so happy) moments together…you will be making friends that last the rest of your life. It’s pretty awesome!

Anyway, I was also thinking about how I’ve never been a part of a sorority, or a clique, or big clubs…like I never did the whole matching outfits thing…but it is FUN to do it! I feel really proud when I see all us OT students in our matching OT shirts and jeans…or in our OT jackets…the other day my friend and I were at Taco bell with our matching OT jackets that have our names on them and the cashier called us by name! I guess we looked pretty silly considering we were also in pajamas.

Ahem, moving on…I’m not doing a good job of tying this together…but what I am trying to say is…it is wonderful to be part of a group…a group that truly “gets” you because everyone is so similar in a fundamental way…because you can’t be successful in OT school if you don’t have a compassionate core!

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