OT is all about the duct tape…

I am stressed out! We got some bad news about a test we took a few months ago where we failed to show “competency” and it really frustrates me. Long and unfair story. Anyway, I’m also stressed because of a bunch of assignments, some class drama, and the fact that, I don’t know, my family and friends are in danger of being fried up in San Diego!

I should be working on my occupational profile, case of marcus, cranial nerve presentation, and routine task inventory assessment, before working at 9pm, but instead, I’m going to procrastinate slightly and share one insight and one quote that I wrote down in my planner from today.

Insight from school therapist Jackie: A trained OT (or really anyone) can sometimes tell who could benefit from OT services just by looking at the art hung up on the halls in an elementary school! I thought that was hilarious and a good point – there is always a few pictures where you can only go “Huh?”

Quote from Jackie’s lecture today on school-based occupational therapy: (I might have the words slightly off but I think I got it right): “Occupational therapists are great at making low tech assistive devices. Give us a milk jug and a roll of duct tape and we will get things done!”

Tomorrow I meet my little OT sibling and also we start doing actual research assessments on actual geriatric residents at an assisted living facility, so wish us luck! I hope I don’t poke any old people in the eye!


Oct 24, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none