OT job

hi y'all….let me get the official paperwork under way before I say anything specific but I am pretty sure I have a job!! Starting immediately! Very excited….more news/information to come shortly when that paperwork is underway. Oh and I updated my sidebar with more new links based on recent comments, including Dani's, Matthew's, Motor Story, Linda's, and maybe a few more I am blanking on. And I added in TherapyFunZone.Com which is an AWESOME website/resource that I plan to stalk thoroughly…and hopefully soon add in my own ideas. For example I need to write about french fry people soon. 🙂

Alright….back to “work”…going through all my ten thousand bazillion OT binders searching for material applicable to this job. Plus I should try to get my taxes etc stuff done ASAP since I'm about to be much more busy!!

Thanks again all for your support. The comments/e-mails make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, much like a caterpillar! Hmm…note to self: work on my metaphors/analogies/similies/brush up on my clearly forgotten knowledge of English grammar

Mar 04, 2011 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 5