OT life hack: Adding descriptions as last name on phone contacts

I have a ton of contacts because I don’t know how to delete a bunch easily.But I often forget who is who or what. So instead of writing in first/last names, I almost always write their first/last or just first name into the “first name” area, and in the “last name” I give them a description of some sort that helps me remember how I know them. All my coworkers end in EUSD, all my hula hoop friends end in Hoop, etc etc etc. Almost all my new contacts added get a description. I had to take a screenshot for you guys of a part that was A) appropriately named (not all are nice) and B) didn’t give last names. For people struggling with memory issues, it can be really helpful to do it this way, as when their name pops up it can include the description. Perhaps part of an OT session could be showing them how to do this on their phone. Who knows. But it helps me a lot. 
Aug 12, 2013 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none