OT Moments of the Day…

This past wekend I got to go to a family wedding, a family baby shower, volunteer holding hospital babies, and go to a coworker's barbecue, and also do a ton of errands, and oh yeah Piloxing (Pilates/boxing, I nearly died). But I paid for it because I had to work until 3am Sunday night to be ready for Monday. 🙁 It was rough as 3.5 hours of sleep was not nearly enough of course. Plus oh man, the nightmares. Today I treated kids at School A, then treated kids at School B, then back to School A for a meeting, then to School C for another meeting, etc, then a bunch of stupid errands after work. Plus the worst Pilates class in the world because I was so tired. I only went since they charge you if you don't go. So I did the worst job ever. You know a half-assed job? I did a quarter-assed job at best, maybe even an eighth-assed job. Then I walked up the hill with a neighbor friend. That wasn't quite as torturous as the Pilates/TRX. Tomorrow should be busy but only at one school so that's a plus, I get tired of being a snail and carting my shell around with me everywhere I go. I think I'm finally getting my organization tactics down too. Post to come soon on that I think. 

It kills me so bad that I don't have more time for the fun OT stuff in my spare time. It also kills me so bad it's 11pm right now. I better go to sleep but first I wanted to post at least a tiny bit. Like I need to remember to post about my sweet babies on Sunday. And how I tried out Shelby's Quest (an OT app, giveaway to come soon) today with my kiddos 🙂 And that Morphology Jr came in the mail for a review so I will be trying it out tomorrow with some kids who need some help with creativity/flexibility! (I think flexibility and creativity are BFF, you can not really have one without the other….)

A few stand out moments of the day…

A kindergarten boy earnestly told me today he liked my necklace …a few minutes later I was gently holding his wrist down while he was working to show him how to use just his fingers and not his “windshield wiper” (ie sweeping from his elbow) to color. He said “You have such soft skin” and I was like um thanks? (very startling to hear from someone so young) and then he said “Do you live here?” (referring to the learning center room we were in). 
It was super cute. AHAHAHAHAA. Yes. Yes I do. I do live in the LRC. 

Other moment was when I told a child with autism who has rather low verbal skills, that he was awesome. He said “Yes, it is a choice”. I was like omg, what an great quote. “I make the choice to be awesome” . So I posted it on the dry erase board. This kid also randomly busted out the word “abundant” today. Lol. No context. 

Hey if I ever had a pet ant I would name it Abund 🙂 And if I got another one, I would name it “Exuber”

And if I had a hot sauce festival, I would call it “No Chile Left Behind”

And if I had a brain, I would go to sleep. Luckily, I kind of have a brain, so I will do my best to turn off my brain for the night. It's kind of sad because I have so much I want to do, like work on my beading of lariats, drawings, product inventions, etc. Wish there was more time in the day.

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