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A few months back in AOTA’s OT Practice there was an article on blogging, Second Life, and podcasting, by Dr. Fran Babiss. It was really interesting and reminded me of how hard it had been to find any OT blogs at all, especially by OT students. Reading that article motivated me to start this blog that same day. I also wrote in to OT Practice that same inspired day to share my new blog address. There is a chance they will publish the address in the next OT Practice, since they were compiling a bunch of responses to the article to put in a forum. At the time I wrote in, I did not know of a single OT blog. Now of course I know about the few students (Patti, Aishel, Aishah), Merrolee’s amazing group, and a few other solitary OT bloggers like Will Wade (all linked on my sidebar). I’m glad we have a core group, but I sincerely hope that we’ll get some new bloggers soon! I especially personally have an interest in seeing more blogs by practicing clinicians and students.

We’ll see if the address gets published (we’d know before the end of June) and if so, hopefully it will have a domino effect where we will all get a few more readers!!

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