OT rehab ideas

here were some of the ideas I had written down (some more occupation-based than others but just things to prompt my brain) while working in inpatient rehab….

PS: Belly dancing/fencing were two things I was into…belly dancing is GREAT for hip/core work (find just a basic video on youtube and they can work in the parallel bars, if not shy about it of course) and fencing (with foam swords) if you use the proper stance (google that too) is great for balance and strengthening/stabilizing lower body while also incorporating upper body. 🙂

sorting junk mail
sorting laundry
sorting silverware
working on calendar
working with checkbook
working with dayplanner
opening up garbage bag
dusting with weird confetti
wiping down table
watering plants
setting alarm clock or timer
 making microwave meal
inventorying area
scrubbing spots on walls
cleaning a mirror
paint brush rolling on wall
clocks – telling time, drawing clocks
sorting nuts n bolts
pilates, yoga
belly dancing, fencing

Clothespins, racks, washclothes

Dartboard, standing
Lean on wedges to work on stomach
Wedge ramp, roll ball from one to another on wedge
Place paperclips under bottom, raise up and take away
Sit on BSC, raise up place tennis balls from either side
Dowel ladder, put cones on it or use weighted dowel
Lie on back, reach up and back for items
Ball or bolster rolling up and down wall
Partial sit to stand from mat
Pegs on vertical surface, place pegs in, maybe patterned
Theraputty hand exercises
Airsplinting to reduce tone in elbow
Velcro rotators for hand manip
Pick up rice pieces
Stack tiny cubes
Bend knee back, kick ball
Abacus with foot to slide beads
Hit ball with weighted dowel
marching in place
UE assisted pelvic elevation
scooting on mat
lateral weight bear for peg shapes on vert surf
sort cards by suit
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