OT-related reader mail catch-up!!

I was pleased to get quite a bit of OT blog reader e-mail. Some highlights:

  • Suhaila, a 3rd year Singapore OT student: Glad you are so passionate about OT!!
  • Nivea: Future OT student, blog URL changed to futureot10.blogspot.com
  • Diego: Thank you for writing me, but I didn’t understand how to get to your OT website. Resend the address, please?
  • “Cookie Gimp”: Recommends a website that could help OTs better understand disability activitists: http://www.stevegoldada.com/
  • Vanessa G.: High school student interested in OT. Hope you end up choosing OT !!!
  • Keith: Points out he uses a mouthstick to type (cool!), but that it makes his neck tired. I’m waiting for permission to share a paragraph he wrote about how OT students have helped him with his daily needs. 🙂
Jan 07, 2008 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: 1