OT school breaks my heart. Well not really.

Today has been stressful but not bad overall I guess. It started with a stressful SPSS experience for research. Then we had a 2 hour panel on aging with four neat people, two of them had disabilities. The panel concluded with one of the women singing the lord's prayer. Then I went to staff meeting…then I ran out of there to go to my cardiologist eval. I've been nervous about the appointment all week. I was in a hurry to get there on time and I was getting hypoglycemic so I stopped and bought some peanut butter crackers and orange juice at a gas station really quick to tide me over. It was a 1:30 appointment and I thought I'd be done by 2-something….I ended up leaving at 4:30 because they were able to fit me in for a stress echo + the treadmill test/all that stuff. Since the place is really far away and I stay pretty busy, I really pushed doing as much as possible in one visit.
My resting heart rate is normally around 100 (high anyway, but I was nervous so it was more like 130…and my blood pressure I was like 140/90 instead of 120/90 or so. I did the treadmill ten minutes before my heart rate was at 190 and then I stopped. I guess they'll get back to me for the results although I'm scheduled for a full study echo in 4 weeks (?) Then I went to Costco for some water and frozen fruit, ran home to drop it off, and then turned around to go to a Mexican restaurant for Brooke's birthday. OTS Brooke, Kerri & husband Brent, Meg, Emily, Kim, Allison, Stephanie, and I, all went, and it was a lot of fun. We had Baskin-Robbins too!! Now I'm at Kerri's house with them, Brooke, and Todd. They are playing Settlers of Cattan while I'm lounging with a kitty and typing on Brent's laptop. Today has been so stressful to me that I'm a lot more tired than I should be. I still have some OT work to do tonight but I'm going to do the bare minimum I can get away with…although tomorrow is a busy day too…so..umm…I guess I have to prioritize. Part 3 of management is the most important!!
Sorry for the mini-rant…but the whole cardiology experience has kept me stressed this entire week, especially today, and it obviously affects my OT performance!! So ONCE AGAIN I'm sorry I'm behind with e-mail and comments!!!!
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