OT School Rocks!

I created this blog today so I am in a frenzy of new thoughts, but I’m sure it will taper off soon. I should be studying for my neurobiology midterm, but well, clearly I’m not right now. Right now I am in Evidence-Based Learning, Biomechanics, Conceptual Foundations of OT, Neurobiology, Perspectives of Early Development, Leadership, and hmm, I think that’s it right now. We’ve already gone through Anatomy, thank goodness. I’m enjoying my classes. We’re really learning the importance of being evidence-based-client-centered-OTPF-worshippers. It’s so much fun to go to class each day and learn interesting things about muscle tone, brain damage, mental retardation, you name it. That’s not to say I sometimes don’t get sleepy or bored, because well, no school is 100% fascinating. But overall, I LOVE OT SCHOOL. I might sometimes complain and I am frequently exhausted, but it’s all worth it!

Apr 20, 2007 | Category: Occupational Therapy | Comments: none